Gerhart Maass' Journey

This map shows the different locations where Gerhart Maass lived before settling in Montreal. This image depicts present-day borders of countries and Canadian provinces.

  1. Hamburg (Germany): 1919 to 1936
  2. Stockholm (Sweden): 1936 to 1938
  3. Toronto, Ontario (Canada): November 1938 to 1939
  4. Montreal, Quebec (Canada): 1939 to 1943
    Huntingdon, Quebec (Canada): 1943 to April 1943
    Farnham army training center, Quebec (Canada): April 1943 to April 1944
  5. Catterick military camp (England) and different postings in Ghent (Belgium), Lille (France), Oisterwijk (Holland), Edegem (Belgium) and Brussels (Belgium): April 1944 to May 1945
  6. Oldenburg (Germany): 1945 to June 1946
  7. Montreal, Quebec (Canada): June 1946 to 2009
A grey-coloured map diagram depicting most of North America, Europe, and part of Africa. A line traverses various points along the map.

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