Joseph Klinghoffer's Journey

This map shows the different locations where Joseph Klinghoffer lived before arriving in Toronto. This image depicts present-day borders of countries and Canadian provinces.

  1. Radautz (Romania): 1903 to 1907
  2. Sucevita (Romania): 1914 to 1918
  3. Lwow (Poland): 1918 to 1926
  4. London (England): July to August 1939
  5. Warsaw (Poland): November 1941
  6. Krakow (Poland): February to June 1945
  7. Salzburg, displaced persons camp (Austria): July 1945 to the beginning of 1948
  8. Toronto, Ontario (Canada): February 1948 to 2000 
A coloured map diagram depicting most of North America, Europe, and part of Africa. A line traverses various points along the map.

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