Holocaust Survivors' Locations from 1939 to 1945

Building New Lives features 20 Holocaust survivors who came to Canada between 1933 and 1955. On this map, find out where they settled across the country, according to the period in which they arrived. You can switch time periods using the blue buttons in the top bar.

Who arrived between 1939 and 1945? Click on the location points to see who arrived from Europe during the war and how they were received.

The different location points where Holocaust survivors settled across Canada.
Place Image Videos
Ottawa Black-and-white studio portrait photograph of a woman, pictured from the waist up, wearing a dark jacket with a fur stole. She looks directly at the camera.
Ottawa 1939-1945
Montreal Black-and-white photograph of four men in a large doorway. One man, second from the right, is exiting the room with a briefcase and pipe in his mouth. The man to his left is entering the room. The two men on either side are dressed in RCMP uniforms and look towards the camera.
Montreal 1939-1945
Internment Camp B Black-and-white photograph of a group of eleven men posing together for a photograph in the woods. Some of the men are holding axes. They are grouped together in front of a pile of wood, wearing matching outdoor uniforms.
Camp B 1939-1945
Internement Camp T Black-and-white photograph of a guard standing at attention in his barracks, surrounded by barbed wire. Rows of buildings are in the background, with snow-covered hills in the distance. There is snow on the ground.
Camp T 1939-1945