Holocaust Survivors' Locations from 1945 to 1955

Building New Lives features 20 Holocaust survivors who came to Canada between 1933 and 1955. On this map, find out where they settled across the country, according to the period in which they arrived. You can switch time periods using the blue buttons in the top bar.

Canada opened its door to more refugees after the war. Click on the different location points to see where survivors settled, and learn about the communities that received them.

The different location points where Holocaust survivors settled across Canada.
Place Image Videos
Ottawa Black-and-white photograph of a group of six men, three standing and three sitting at a table. The men standing are observing the sitting men as they sew fabric with a needle and thread at a table.
Ottawa 1945-1955
Vancouver Black-and-white photograph of a bird's eye view of a city. Several buildings are pictured on either side of a river. A bridge connecting the two banks is pictured on the right-hand side of the photo. Several mountain peaks are visible in the background.
Vancouver 1945-1955
Calgary Black-and-white photograph of a large group of approximately 70 people smiling for a group photograph in a room. The group poses behind a large table with food and dishes on it, and there are two flags hung on curtains in the background.
Calgary 1945-1955
Regina Black-and-white photograph of a street scene, taken from a high vantage point. The large street has pedestrians on the sidewalks, storefronts on either side, and three streetcars driving along in the middle of the road.
Regina 1945-1955
Kitchener Black-and-white photograph of a street scene, taken from street level. A group of people are waiting to board a streetcar, parked on the street.
Kitchener 1945-1955
Tillsonburg Black-and-white aerial photograph of a town with a river visible in the distance. Text has been handwritten in the top-left corner of the photograph.
Tillsonburg 1945-1955
Toronto Black-and-white photograph of a busy street intersection. Pedestrians board a streetcar in the bottom-left corner, and cable wires criss cross the air, visible in the top section of the image.
Toronto 1945-1955
Halifax Black-and-white photograph of a group of 15 people, wearing coats and hats, smiling and waving at the camera from the gangway of a ship. Several more people wait to disembark the ship. A lifeboat is suspended in the top-left corner with ice frozen to its sides.
Halifax 1945-1955
St. John's Black-and-white photograph of small residential buildings in a hillside town or village. There is snow on the ground and it appears to be winter.
St. John's 1945-1955
Montreal Black-and-white photograph of a cityscape with a river and bridge in the distant background. The immediate foreground contains only the tops of trees.
Montreal 1945-1955
Winnipeg Black-and-white photograph with lightly coloured buildings in yellow and pink, depicting the view of a city street with brick buildings and storefronts. There are signs on three buildings for The McIntyre Block, Marathon Blue Gas, and Bank of Montreal
Winnipeg 1945-1955